Personalized, Laser Engraved Flute Stands
You design your own flute stand!
Every stand comes with removable pegs for travel and storage.
What to know before you order:
  1. The Base
    The Base
    You choose between a single or double peg flute stand. All stands come with removable pegs. Single $29 Includes 1 peg, specify C Flute, Piccolo, or Baroque/Irish. Double $49 Includes 2 pegs, specify C Flute, Piccolo, or Baroque/Irish.
  2. Add a name or short message
    Add a name or short message
    Add a personalized message or your name to the stand for an additional $10. Keep in mind some designs don't leave room for personalization.
  3. Choose Your Pegs
    Choose Your Pegs
    Every stand has pegs which can be easily removed by unscrewing them from the base. You can choose from C flute Piccolo Irish/Baroque/Renaissance You can order more pegs than your stand takes and switch pegs depending on the gig! Extra pegs are $10 each
  4. Wood is Natural
    Wood is Natural
    The base of the stand is made from 2 pieces of 1/4 inch thick Birch Plywood which I laminate into a 1/2 inch thick base for strength. The pegs are made from solid Oak, one of the hardest woods native to North America. Wood is a natural product which gets it's beauty from it's naturally varying grain patterns. Every piece is unique, and color and grain patterns will vary.

Every stand is made to order and
has a unique grain pattern and color. 
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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