Rent-to-Purchase Program

Nugent Flutes rents the Di Zhao DZ-100 for $30 a month plus taxes. This includes a $5 a month charge for insurance. Minimum rental period is 3 months, due at signing. At any time you can return the instrument to end the contract before the next monthly charge. The insurance covers all wear-and-tear and accidental damage. It does not cover neglect and abuse.

Early Purchase Incentive
We offer a unique incentive program to purchase the instrument early for generous discounts. The sooner you purchase the instrument the less you will pay over all. Download the rental agreement below for more details. 

Rent-to-purchase an intermediate instrument
If you rent your DZ-100 for any amount of time and decide to upgrade to an intermediate or profesional instrument 100% of your rental fees (minus insurance and taxes) will be applied to the new upgrade instrument you would like to purchase. We will allow up to 80% of the purchase price of the new instrument. 

Download the rental contract as a PDF below for more details.

Rental Contract PDF Download