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Every repair begins with a free, exhaustive inspection to determine the best corse of action.
While I can do my best to discuss the nessessary work over the phone with you I won't be able to make an exact estimate until I inspect the flute.

Clean, Oil and Adjust

$249.00 Labor
each pad replaced is $30

A COA is considered yearly matainance that should be done on every quality Piccolo.

  • Disassemble the keys and clean off the old oil
  • Hand polish all the mechanism, body, and headjoint, removing as much of the tarnish as possible 
  • Wooden piccolos will be soaked in synthetic bore oil returning the surface to a younger appearing luster. Drying time adds 2 days to the process. 
  •  Inspect the pads for tears and clean them
  • Any torn pads are replaced. The first one is included, each subsequent pad is $20 labor plus the price of the pad, $7 for felt or cork and $12 for Straubinger.
  • With the new pads in I can reassemble the mechanism with fresh oil
  • I then check the instrument for pad or adjustment leaks
  • The key height is then adjusted to get rid of any lost motion
  • The headjoint cork is inspected for a tight seal and replaced if necessary
  • Finally I check the case for wear to insure a proper fit for the safety of the flute

COAs are warrenteed for 30 days.

email to schedule a COA


Pro Piccolos


An Overhaul is required if the Piccolo has been played for 3-10 years depending on the amount of time played and the frequency of COAs. A professional who plays and teaches 8 hours a day would require an overhaul much more frequently than a hobbyist who plays 30 minutes a week. Past 10 years the pad skins become brittle and tear easily, making repair impossible. 
An overhaul includes a COA and a Repad, plus the following: 
  • All felts and corks are removed 
  • Mechanism tubing is sweged to remove gaps in the mechanism.
  • Silver plated Keys are hand polished to return them to a fine luster, silverplated keys can not be machine polished.
  • Solid Silver keys are machine polished.
  • Springs are inspected
  • Steels are fit and posts aligned.
  • New felts and corks are glued in place
  • New pads and adjustments are installed. Cork pads are put on the back line because of their resistance to moisture.
  • Headjoint tennon cork is replaced.
  • Headjoint cork is replaced
  • Dents are NOT removed and body is NOT machine polished (see below) 
  • Wooden piccolos will be soaked in synthetic bore oil returning the surface to a younger appearing luster. Drying time adds 2 days to the process. 

Overhauls are warranted for 1 year.

email to schedule an Overhaul

Why don't I machine polish the body?

For overhauls and repads I prefer to hand polish the body and remove the tarnish as in a COA.
Intermediate instruments are often silver plate over silver, instead of solid silver. Plating is a very thin coating of silver over metal averaging less than .005 inches. Any attempt to machine polish a plated instrument will remove the plating layer very quickly. This leaves the metal underneath exposed with spots around the places where the plating remains. 
In Solid Silver instruments I don't reccomend machine polishing every overhaul. Machine polishing makes the flute look brand new, but removes material. This should only be done in cases of extream body work like removal of large dents or after soldering a rib, ring, or tonehole back on.