Handmade Laser Engraved Personalized Flute Cases

Boxes handmade in Oklahoma.
Interiors handmade in Little Rock, Arkansas.

These gorgous one-of-a-kind cases are handmade right here in the heart of the country. Choose from curly maple (aka fiddle-back or tiger stripe maple), Elm, or Walnut. You have your choice of 4 interior colors of velvet: Blue, Black, Wine, and Gold. Every case is individually fit to your flute. If you have a common flute I might be able to fit it right away. Less common flutes might require you to photograph the flute with a tape measure so I can accurately make the case fit your flute. If you are in the Little Rock area bring the flute by and I can fit it in under an hour while you hang out and play flutes. 


You can have a name or short insperational message engraved on the case for an additional $10. You can have a simple black and white drawing engraved for an adittional $15, you must supply the image in a jpg. Or you can have any of the images from my flute stands engraved on the cases as well for $10. 

Click on any image for slide show of details and prices.
​Lyrics Copyright 2017 Lisa Brandon Doss 

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Engrave a favorite saying, inspirational poetry, music lyrics, or quote. Even engrave a simple high contrast picture. Most flutes fit the case as is. You can send me your flute for a precise, professional fit free of charge.​​​

E-mail or call me to place your order.

Lyrics Copyright 2017 Lisa Brandon Doss