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I am now proud to announce that I am a
Certified Muramatsu Repair Technician!
I am excited to add it to my endorsements and certifications from Brannen Brothers, Verne Q. Powell, and Straubinger Flutes. Add my experience as the William S. Haynes Repair Manager and the Nagahara Quality Control Manager, and I am more than qualified to work on the best flutes in the world. 
Erik Nugent
Handmade Flute Maker and Repairman

   I am a Boston flute maker who just moved to Little Rock, Arkansas.
   In 1999 I began making handmade flutes as a finisher for Verne Q. Powell and David Williams. I  became the Repair Manager for William S. Haynes, and I was the Quality Control Manager for Nagahara Flutes for 9 years. A desire to be near family has brought me to Arkansas where I can offer the highest level of expertise.   more