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Yamaha YPC-61 Piccolo

Powell Handmade Signature Piccolo            SOLD

This handmade  piccolo is made from Grenadilla wood, AKA African Black Wood. The keys are sterling silver. I just oiled the bore and keys, it has a great response with a dark tone. Made in the USA. Comes with a standard Signature Piccolo headjoint, or add the following lip plate headjoint.

Powell Handmade Signature Headjoint With Lipplate                    SOLD

This headjoint has a lipplate. This allows the makers to turn the wall thinner and still keep the correct acoustical proportions in the embouchure hole. This creates a brighter, punchier sound with great response, and increases the value of the heajoint. Purchase it with the signature piccolo above and I'll reduce the price by $50.
Maino and Orsi Flute

Maino and Orsi                                                 SOLD

Own a piece of history! This simple system flute was made by Maino and Orsi in 1907. Started in 1898 in Milano, Italy, the company lasted until 1918. Romeo Orsi purchased it in full from Paolo Maino and changed the companies name to "Prof. Romeo Orsi". The company is still making wind instruments in Milano today!  A crack in the back was pinned many years ago. Today new adhesieves have created a better way to fix cracks. I have used this technique to close the crack and hide the heads of the pins. I have oiled the bore and re-padded it. It has nickle-silver keys and rings. The Headjoint has a metal tenon.